Tuesday, July 31, 2012

When you dont race bikes a ton...

So this year has been slow as far as bike racing. That is fine. I have a friend who used to race on the Kraynicks team. He got injured and put his energy into other things, namely family and house. There was a point where I was at his house and thought "is bike racing worth not having this?"... As his house was renovated and nice. I would like to think that I have the brains to do that if I had more time.
Anyway, we finally got around to doing our second floor. Half of it anyway.
Learned: Showering in the basement for 3 weeks sucks. Dont send your kids to college, make them an electrician or plumber. House parts are expensive.
This is a captive room on our second floor. It was crappy asbestos floor tiles and ceiling tiles. Took it down to the lathe. There was a weird room that you had to walk through to get to the second bedroom. It also led to the bathroom. We opened that up to make the bath bigger. In order to make it so people dont get trapped in the bedroom when somebody is in the bathroom we opened the original door up in the captive middle room.

This is a before and after. Wood paneling and sketchy wiring gone. Door on the right is now a pocket door into guest room. Also now a pocket door at top of stairs. There is a blanket hung to block dust from other room.

Finally the bathroom. Our bathroom was so jacked. I had an 9mm allen key with a thimble on it shoved inside of the spigot for like 6 years. We could not take baths. The floor was peeling up, as it was cheap vinyl. There was no exhaust fan. The wallpaper started falling down like 3 weeks after we moved in. Long time coming.
Friends - come visit.