Tuesday, December 29, 2009

In search of Burt Hoovis' house.

Found it. Burt is nothing but class.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Somali xmas rager.

So Amy's mom convinced her coworkers that instead of buying each other scented candles and lottery tickets, or whatever crap office workers buy one another, they should all sponsor a Somali refugee from the hood (mine and Amy's neighbors.)In years past we had just donated used toys and things, which was awesome, but this year each kid got to open a new gift. All 14 of them. Some people from outside her office gave Amy's mom money, with which she bought a shop n save gift card for the Grandma/Matriarch of Little Somalia.

They were all really stoked and it was a good time. Somehow my favorite dude didnt end up with a gift. I bought him a 7 dollar soccer ball. Best 7 dollars spent in a long time.

Photo Summary:
We had pizza. We opened gifts. We had them write and read thank you cards. Oriel, my brother in law who is black but not Somali, told stories about fishing on his Island to the kids. Santa showed up. We had cake.

Little Ibihim fell asleep so hard in the car on the way home he was snoring like an adult. I carried him to his door. He woke up and said "Where is my train..." That is nice.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Laurel Highlands Trail Fail....

I generally dont like quitting things. At a certain point being safe trumps being epic. Oh well, another day.

Day 1.
Hiked in to the first shelters. Cooked some food. Some guys from Ohio showed up and invited me to their shelter to help better stay warm. I declined at first, but went over when the sun finally went down. They had a raging fire. 5 of us and a fire kept it super warm. Then at like 9pm a woman hiked in solo in the dark. Dang. 6 people in a shelter + 2 dogs = warm.

Day 2.
Long day. Started with a 3 mile climb. Scenic views. Had people leapfrogging all day. Ohio dudes went home. Checked in with Amy. Rad shelters at night on a cliff. Nice fire. Warm. NewfriendLex and I hung out and ate food.

Day 3.
Another long day. Walked forever. Through 7 springs. Ended with the forest ranger giving me and NewfriendLex a ride around the Turnpike because the bridge over the road was closed that day due to it falling down. Weird.

Day 4. Wake up with snow IN the shelter. 8 - 10 inches of snow on the ground. Camera dead due to cold. REALLY hard day breaking trail through the snow all day. Days 5 and 6 were supposed to be 12 mile days. I bailed on it. The area the trail goes through for those two days has 1 road crossing over 24 miles. The pace I held on day 4 while breaking snow would have left me hiking from 6 am to 6 pm and it was hard enough to find the blazes in the daylight with all the snow. I hiked about 44 miles total in 4 days.Good times.
Another day.