Sunday, February 25, 2007

growing up kind of.

New Whip! single speed 29'er courtesy of G-man at Bicycle Therapy. I rode frick with Stig, who is one of those doctors who dabbles as a pro bike racer, and Dr Rytel. Talk about feeling like an underachiever. He "likes to keep it steady" meaning that he gets like 10 hours worth of a workout in 2 or 3. It was insane.

Amy got a JOB! Like almost a real job, as a semi-permanent substitute teacher. Pretty rad. This meant buying a car, because the 6 mile commute would take 2 hours each way on public transport.

- I worked like 40 hours per week for 3 weeks straight
- I kind of own a car or at least part of one, or at least have regular access to one
This is almost like being a grown up!

Taxi stuff:
I did a 24 hour lease, and pulled a cannonball run. 24 hours straight, with a 40 minute break to eat some dinner. 6am friday to 6am saturday. It really wasnt bad.
Taxi person gets in car:"been working long?"
me:"since 6... am...."
most taxi persons:" is that legal??"

I went home and slept for 5 hours, rode the rollers and then drove another 10. There was nothing else to do with this crap weather. Worked 35 of 45 hours, that rules.

My Brothertold me that the longest he went was 34 hours of straight driving. He met up with his ladylove for dinner and she MADE him go home to sleep cause he looked like a zombie. He figured he could get 7 hours sleep, get up around 7pm and get the nighttime rush. He woke up at 7 as planned and went to the food coop for some coffee and a snack. He said that things seemed weird, like there was a weird vibe, but he wrote it off as being tired. NPR was on and he thought that was weird cause DUQ starts jazz at 7pm. He then asked one of the Hippie dudes at the Coop if it was 7pm or 7am (this is during the summer when the temps are about the same and there is sunlight)... The hippie dude was like "uhh its morning man"... Whoops Justin slept for 19 hours instead of 7.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

go grab the 2250 dollars out of my bedroom for me?

So I pick up a dude. He is in a wheelchair with a sweet set of spinergy wheels, not
quite as sweet as Babik's rev x's that were cracking in the snow last week, or Dan Chew's rev x that he repaired with duct tape, but sweet none the less.

We drove back to his house in the Burbs. He was obviously not from the burbs, and told me that he was paying cash, not with a voucher - the way most people I pick up from the hospital pay. We get to his house.
"We can put my chair together, so I can wheel inside and come back out and take it back apart, or you can go grab the 2250 dollars out of my bedroom for me"
So I go into this dude's house, grab a HUGE stack of money and bring it out to him. 5 years ago he was shot 13 times at point blank range. We drive back to the uptown (uptown is not sweet, its where the messenger company I used to work for is, lots of open air drug dealing, and prostitution. Recently a hooker shot a cop and she WAS A HE!!)
We roll up to a bar that you couldnt pay me a thousand dollars to try to enter, we put his chair together, he rolls 10 feet behind the car, comes back up in 10 minutes and we drive back to his place. Sweet. 70 bucks in about 55 minutes. We stopped at mcdonalds, his treat, but I didnt get anything.

Monday the water unfroze, however with this came the snapping of the kitchen faucet and a geyser to the ceiling. This was after the laptop wouldnt work in the morning. The kitchen is literally the only finished room in the house, the rest is just wires and plaster and old carpet, and some wood. Local real estate mogul Justin Cummings helped is bro out in putting a new sink on. It looks sweeeet.
The laptop started working again today

Chew Climbed the cathedral stairs 101 times in 18 hours as reported by the PG

Stubna and I did an HEROIC (chewism) ride tuesday in the snow. 3:15 minutes. the best part of it all was this kid pulling up in his parents SUV, drinking a coke, and says "you guys have HUGE balls." Awesome, at least I impressed him!

New word: Jocknacular. Like vernacular, but words used by jocks. "bring it to the table" "step up" "proactive" and of course, the new saying "sack up"

Sack up krall

Monday, February 05, 2007

Im not going to complain about the cold.

But it is cold as hell. We rode over 3 hours on saturday. It wasnt too bad. I have been way colder in my life, and I was dry, so no big deal.
Amy and I were sitting in the kitchen last night joking about making space suits to talk around the house in (we keep it at 52-60) I said we are going to have to put water in the fridge to stop it from freezing. Sure enough the pipes under the sink are frozen today. Great. I could live in a freaking tent, so Im not upset by it all, but there is no reason to pay 300 bucks a month in gas to be cold. I could be cold for free, so that is the biggest bummer of it all.
Cab driving: Normal people are so freaking weird. I have never done the bar/club thing, but what the hell are these people thinking? The same girls that offered to show me their boobs in exchange for a free ride said that I shouldnt trust Amy out with friends while Im working. I told them that I could see boobs for free at the cricket lounge, and that its no wonder they are all single. and on and on....