Tuesday, August 14, 2012


I was flipping through some USAC stuff and some other stuff and came across this old press release by USAC. Cannell 2 year suspension and revised nationals results.

The results are the NEW results after he won a bunch of championships and was on the podium a bunch. So what? It is masters racing... It doesnt really change anything or have any real bearing on "real" racing..

So lets look at the results. I did no research, this is just what I know off the top of my head from cycling..

2009 USA Cycling Masters Road National Championships
Men’s Time Trial - 35-39
1. Ian Stanford Winona, MN 00:30:02.00 Grandstay Cycling
2. Gregory Strock Martinsville, IN 00:30:25.80 Texas Roadhouse Cycling Team
3. Ryan Jenkins Salisbury, NC 00:30:26.20 Carolina Masters Team

Ok, I did not even know that this guy raced again. If you dont know who he is, you should google him. If you dont know... let me google that for you. It seems that his bike racing life was ruined by doping and he turned out for the better as a medical doctor. I cant imagine the experiences that were taken away from him due to doping.

2007 USA Cycling Masters Road National Championships
Men’s Road Race - 30-34
1. Matthew Johnson New Haven, CT/5 Star Fish
2. Daniel Vinson Lake Elsinore, CA/5 Star Fish
3. Mike Stubna Philadelphia, PA/Meredith Group - GPOA - Cannondale

This one was earlier. Stubs moved up to 3rd. We were teammates and he lived a few blocks from me at the time. It would have been cool if he actually got on the podium.
But this is the REAL KICK IN THE BALLS. Mathew Johnson. I dont know this dude at all. I know he was a crazy fast junior. Im like 99% sure that it is the same Matt Johnson that Levi had to turn his amateur national crit jersey over to after testing positive. The dude won two national championships as a result of doping. Neither were professional.
That makes me think that it is a problem.

Monday, August 13, 2012

the freaking kinzua classic

There is a non USAC race in Pennsylvania that is one of the best courses ever. It is along the Kinzua reservoir in North Western PA. It is basically in the Allegheny National Forest. 2x30 mile loops on quiet roads passing primitive forest camp sites and waterways. 4416 feet of climbing. The second lap finishes with a bonus climb up to a dirt road, adding a few extra hundred feet of climbing. It is seriously one of the best courses that I have ever raced. For sure one of the best in PA.

We make a pilgrimage to Brett's cabin for the race it's in the middle of the forest it's awesome.

I am doing this post on my iPhone entirely by Siri. The photos are all taken from Instagram.

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

The best triathletes in the world...

Link Here

Not trying to be a hater. Yes I know that he just swam further than I ever have combined. Yes this dude could probably ride me off of his wheel, but this is an embarrassment to sport. The dude could not ride over a speed bump with his shoes out of his pedals. He is one of the BEST IN THE WORLD.

Here is a former world mountain bike champion... at the end of a 100+ mile day.