Tuesday, September 29, 2009

More time than money. Vegas Part II

So this was my first interbike, and my first time in Vegas.

Vegas is like Halloween fused with St Patricks day. Everybody uses it as an excuse to get stupid drunk, and women use it as an excuse to dress in ridiculous outfits showing as much skin as legally possible. Much like the holidays it is entertaining for a minute, then super annoying for the hours after.


Will walk 10 miles for 30 gel packs. 3 cheer packs. Some R4 samples.

I got into the cervelo party. This was serious. I drank like 40 dollars in Fiji water.heinrich haussler was there.

MJ seat cover. Anybody from the Burgh remember B rose? He runs the Shockspital.

Free T9 lube. Also Dumontech. Good stuff.

Water bottles...

Shopping bags..

This thing is sweet, it turns old tubes into bungee cords and tie downs. Awesome.

I took 3 bumps for a total of 1050 in southwest credit. More time than money for sure. One of the bumps was 2 days!

Stoked on my new hat as well!

Interbike / Crossvegas part 1.

The whole week started with a downer as the TSA guy stole my brand new jar of peanut butter that was my breakfast lunch and dinner for the next 36 hours or so. The guy was right I guess. Whatever.

Took my first bump Tuesday morning. 355 in Southwest credit for 3 hours of my life. Done.

Got to Vegas, walked around to stretch my legs and crashed out.

Day 1 of Interbike I was like a kid in a candy store. I must have walked 10 miles. So much cool stuff. So much swag. So many people. Ed said that he saw a woman at a booth who actually worked for a company, she looked down at her cleavage, realizing that it wasnt showing enough and pulled her shirt down a bit more. Interbike. Somebody said "if you like girls and bikes its a good time."

Jet lagged and tired from walking, I headed to the crossvegas venue. Dirt Crit. There was not a single technical section at all. I guess it was to be expected. I was somehow also lined up next to The Rabobank dude, and some other Belgie who talked like ARNOLD.. "you hold my bike yes?" Awesome.

Good start, bad finish. There should seriously be a rule that once you get lapped you have to be neutralized until the finish. Like why did a dude sprint me for 58th place? Whatever. I guess I should just not get lapped rather than wonder what the hell that dude is doing.

More later. (pics of all the swag)

Cyclingnews Picture of me, only included for how ridiculous it is. "Back in the pack" = understatement of the weekend.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Public Apology.

This is for Peter and Babik cause they dont have facebook. And yes, after 4 years of owning this place I am considering the purchase of a weed wacker.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Last trip pics and summary.

Sorry I have been slow to upload these. Im sure you have been on the edge of your google reader.

Maryland is freaking beautiful. They gave me a free bike map and a free byways map. The roads have huge shoulders. Cars seriously wait to pass you if there isnt a 3 foot shoulder (which was maybe 10% of the time). The Western panhandle is totally beautiful and mountainous. The people were nice too.

MD = Bike lanes

However I got lost and asked where I was and I was "a few miles from PA" not good.

Prettyboy reservoir north of B mo

At least it was beautiful and scenic while I was lost.

Crossing the Conewingo dam. I had to stay mad far up north to avoid the Chesapeake bay.

And I thought it was going to be mad busy after crossing it. Its like 50 miles from Philly?

Awesome setup: MD bike map. MD byway map. Computer.

Perrypoint, a historic, rundown town.

Wow, it is rush hour and that bridge looks scary.

Rode the sidewalk. SOOOOOOOOOOOOO SCARY.

Not afraid to wear a neckerchief. No trees = sunburned neck.

Eastern MD is super rural.
Another long day. My odometer read 12,800 some miles and the day was 128.22 miles!
Camped on the edge of town.
DAY 4. Last day.

This felt good

Yeah baby.

No offense to anybody from DE, but can I get a "welcome to!"???

Beach = ski ball

And big winnings.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Bike trip day 2 image dump.

Cumberland Maryland - Uniontown Maryland.

Opened the day with a LONG climb out of Cumberland.
Thought this was the top.

The real top.

Found a big snake .
Maryland is really rural and nice.
This is route 40. The Lincoln Highway. No cars.
Long climb for such a low freaking elevation.
I went over 6 "hills" or mountains or whatever this day.
The view from some lookout. I carried binoculars 460 miles to use one time here.
Western MD rail trail for 15 miles or so.
Back on the road. Crossing the AT. This dude is headed for Michaeux.
Oh yes.

You have to be going REALLY slow to notice things like this.
Ended up in Uniontown MD. Some old civil war town where everything was nice.

Camped behind a super old church. The pastor was nice and didnt seem to mind.
This was the house next to the church. Like normal people just live here.
THE CENTURY!!!!!!!!!
Man figure out that average speed.