Sunday, January 28, 2007

taxi tales...

Friday night/Saturday morning. I grab 3 dudes in the southside and they are heading to the north hills. 1 has bruises on his face from falling down drunk. We hit the highway and start rolling. 2 dudes pass out and one is on the phone with his girlfriend/wife lying about where he is and what he did that night. He hangs up and has this conversation over and over for about 40 minutes with his 2 passed out friends:
"you guys are fucking pussies. This is total bush league. You need to man up. Sack up you pussies, im holding this all together...." literally 20 - 40 minutes of this nonstop.
The guy up front wakes up and we decide to go to McDonalds.
"I will have 50 chicken nuggets.... and 10 double cheeseburgers... and 3 large vanilla milkshakes"...
I had to really convince these dudes that I wasnt into it although it was their treat. I went without a 3 am mcvalue meal.
In the 5 minutes between Mcburgers and the one guy's house, the two guys in the back seat start fighting. One has a bloody nose, and the other passes back out. We pull up into a giant sprawling neighborhood filled with mcmansions with our mcburgers. The dude up front hooks me up with the 60 bucks he owes me, and hands the food to a dude in the back seat. Everybody out of the car and there is a fistfight. 3 drunk dudes fighting in the middle of a street lined with 250,000 dollar houses. The mcdonalds bags are torn, nuggets are flying in the street and the dudes are punching and kicking in the middle of the street.
I pulled away only to find that infact it is a dead end street, forcing me to turn around and watch this debacle again. What a mess. The one dude was a lawyer he said.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

museeuw sets a really really bad example

Johan. How can anybody look up to you.

If you got hair implants? Jake's heart is broken.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

new year new job

I drive a taxi now. Yeah a taxi. After not working for 8 months, I went full throttle this weekend.
Friday - Rode rode 3.5 hours and worked 13. 2pm - 3am
Saturday - Rode 4.25 hours and worked 13. 3pm - 4am

Work pretty much consists of listening to NPR and driving around people who are socially responsible enough to not drink and drive from bar to bar. Oh and trying to explain that I SERIOUSLY, dont know where to get any blow. My car last night had 322,000 miles on it. I added about 400. Its addicting. I just want to keep driving, I forget to eat and drink - just get into this weird zone of going going going. One more fare. One more fare. One more...
Rule of thumb: if you have enough cash on you to buy one of the houses around you outright, you should call it a night. That was me in Braddock last night at 330am.