Tuesday, April 30, 2013

3 races in 30 hours, not a stage race.

Saturday: Rode out to a local crit. Took the bike trail there. Raced, set power records, got dominated, rode home. Close to 70 miles in 4 hours.

Went and showed some houses and did some work stuff.

Me and Babik hopped in the car to head to Bad Andy's and Bad Kat's in Lancaster. This mission was inspired by the time Bad Andy won the State Crit championship and then raced a nighttime mountain bike race.

Sunday: We were on the road by 630 for the MASS Fair Hill Mountain bike race. It is in that weird area that is like Lancaster, Maryland and Delaware all in one. 9 am start. Anyway, much like last weekend at Greenbrier, I cracked on the first lap and settled into the second group. Racing for 4th -7th. I stacked it like a PRO on the last lap. 6th place. Babik had an awful morning and got beat by dudes in baggies with camelbacks.

After getting paid, we headed to Lititz for a crit. I ate some salt and vinegar chips and drank some cokes. The energy levels were very, very low. I was informed that I left my fancy carbon mountain bike wheel at the first race. We hit a railroad track "jump" and my bike mostly fell off the roof. Rain was coming... failure imminent.

Anyway, Rock Tour of Lititz was awesome. It would have been worth going out for without the morning race. Proud to say that the Pro 1/2 field had like 6 dudes from PIttsburgh in it. That is awesome. We raced around in circles for an hour. I barely finished. Last place in the money. Nice. Babik raced like a stud and got 6th, despite not really having a teammate.

Bad Andy took this of us. I have compression tights on. He didnt cut them out like I asked. That is awesome. Mountain Bikes on the roof, road bikes on the ground.

Have to post me representing c3-20/20. Great people. Im in full crypt keeper mode here. Makes me happy to see my right finger on the lever. Old BMX habit to stop yourself from looping out (like landing on your back wheel and falling backwards... you simply tap your rear brake and your front end comes right down)

My bro found this magazine in his basement. That is him getting rad. We used to be good at riding bikes.