Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Wissichickon cross. What is up with these names???

We woke up early. Wait, I did at least. John laid on the futon and slept for like 3 more hours. We touched butts in the middle of the night, maybe it kept him up late with deep questions. We drank nonrace winning coffee and ate peanutbutter bagels and bananas. I was pretty stoked on the sun being out. We said goodbye to our awesome hosts and their zoo of pets.

We totally got to the race without getting lost! First time yet as far as I know.

I raced and did not win due to the lack of race winning coffee.

John flatted out, we did a super pro, super sweet wheel change. Wicks and McCormack gave a visible sigh of relief when they saw Johnturn going into the pit. Richard Sachs was standing next to me and was obviously impressed with our wheel change.

I dont really remember too much else.

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The title sponsor is Wissahickon Cyclery.