Sunday, April 02, 2006

Totally gnarly race weekend!!!!

Saturday April 1 2006. Tour of Richland county.
Kralldiggler totally bummed his parents blinged out car to cart our asses to Ohio for the race. SWEET. And he bought a dozen bagels too. Seriously does it get better? Car talk was a bit fuzzy on the way down, which was not so sweet. My caffeine weaning was put to use by drinking coffee the morning of the race. Man I was probably so annoying talking about nothing. Stubna showed up on his new bike finally. He test rode it the night before by going 3 miles to the Quiet Storm with me.

The race was sweet. Big hill, gnarly rollers, crazy tailwind section, then back up the big hill. 10 mile loops, 5 laps. The first time we hit the rollers there were just crazy attacks. I remember wondering what the hell was wrong with me. I went with a move and the counter move from that went. God is that painful. Stubna got in that one. It is a weird contentment you have when you are in total agony, everything hurts and you cant breath, and your teammate gets in the move. Like maybe I could have been there if he wasn't, but you get kind of complacent or something. Whatever, 6 guys off the front, Im not one of them.

Inferno, the team that totally bitch slapped us 2 weeks ago only had 2 guys and they missed the move. A few others missed it too, so there was a good chase effort on, but not nearly enough. I spent the remaining laps trying to whittle the field down on the hill and the rollers (the race was 2:15, the break went at 14 minutes in!!). I figured the field would come to a field sprint, which I am king of losing so I might try to knock some guys off.

Last lap: I was giving everything I had on every roller, just trying to get away, work on sustained efforts, make myself feel good despite missing the break... ... When we come up on something not sweet. The break was at 5 men as far as I knew, and I look up to see the long torso of my teammate! bummmmmmer. He was in a world of pain for sure. He told me his gears weren't working well throughout the race and he was limited to only the 11-19. And as a character voucher, he wasn't telling anybody else that after the race or on the phone in the car home when he was asked how he did. Very cool. A few duets went real fast and I got I think 3rd or 4th in the field, so like 8th or 9th or something? I was happy.

BOB EVANS HAS GOOD PANCAKES!!! for real. I think I have only been to a Bob Evan's like once before. I don't remember it. I figured it was like Denny's or whatever and you get crappy ass frozen pancakes made in a factory 5000 miles away. Not sweet. Bob served up 3 GIANT multigrain cakes for 3.99. I was stoked. No real maple syrup, but I had honey and they had giant things of grade A honey which went really well.

Kralldiggler got 4th in the 4 field. YEAH DOGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mingo #1
Daylight savings. This is not sweet when you have to get up at 7, really 6. Its less sweet when you are on time despite daylight savings and you totally slice into your hand while slicing a bagel. Lots of blood. Every time I cut myself or crash I tell myself to buy a nice first aid kit. Instead I make do with bandages and neosporin or whatever and the neosporin always disappears.

2 hour ride down with electric tape and cotton balls tape to my hand. We show up in time to register pin numbers and line up. Pretty good 1/2/3 field, maybe 40 or so riders. My first race with 5 other teammates. Awesome. I think we did a good job of riding together. I got into a 6 man move with 1 other teammate. We got chased down, I wont say by whom. One monster from our break, who was away when I bridged up stayed off for the win. Stubna made it up to him with 3 others. 4 man group off the front, Mike gets 3rd, Jared gets 5th winning the field, Jake gets 6th and STEEVO GETS 3rd IN A FIELD SPRINT OF MORE THAN 3 PEOPLE!!@!!!!! I BEAT PEOPLE IN A FIELD SPRINT.. FAST PEOPLE!!!

2 hour ride home with Jake, the whiner and patty brings in a full century before watching the tour of Flanders and power gnoshing. SWEET. Mad props to the teammates, Riff was on it in his break, Dougie fresh was so ready to roll all day, Glenn sprinted in the end and got 2nd in the field!! yeah baby.

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Joe Ruggery said...

Just wanted to thank you for your most polite "Sorry, Joe", when you were unable to pull through and assist in chasing your teammate. You're a class act bro.