Thursday, September 14, 2006

still getting rad

So I am in Breckenridge Colorado. 10,010 feet high. rad. We were riding down the bike path into town and there was a car pulled over. "hey are you doing the great divide?... have a place to stay?.... no.. "you want one?" uhhhh yeah! totally go to a dinner party at our new friends' house, eat well, hang out and be WARM. Our new friend Nicole had ridden cross country last summer and wanted to complete the circle of niceness that comes around to you while travelling. This totally made te week.
We crossed the Divide Basin in Wyoming. 137 miles with nothing around. We got caught
in 38 degree pouring rain. We tried hiding under our tarps under rocks (there are no trees) to avoid hypothermia, wearing all of our clothing, but we were still cold. We
rode for 3 more hours in this until finally coming across a highway rest stop where we slept. Then we had the 137 miles with nothing, which lucky for us was sunny with a tailwind pushing us across.
I have given up any hope of trying to eat healthy like I usually do. Yesterday I had: ice cream, milky way, 3 musketeers, and a donut. Yeah baby. Just a few more weeks until mexico.
Oh we camped out at 8900 feet and it was freezing with like an inch of frost on our tents when we got up. There is going to be snow here this weekend, but I think we will be south enough to avoid it. Rad. Keep in touch everybody and email me if you need to get ahold of me. xsteevox at gmail

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Catra said...

Hey Steevo cool blog sounds like you and Matt are having FUN..Please tell him hi from me(Catra). Tell him I will see him at the Furnace creek 508. I'm crewing my friend Linda.

Have fun and stay safe.