Sunday, January 27, 2008

when you're at the punk house...

Song by Screeching Weasel
if you need a place to stay
welcome to the punk house
it's a party every day
living in a punk house
stay awhile and sit and smoke a cigarette
la la la la
thers's always something happening here
when you're in a punk house
cheap food and even cheaper beer
are always in a punk house
jump up and down, dance on the couch
stuff a potato in your mouth
la la la
life goes by way too fast to spend
it working for somebody else
it don't make any sense
if you like it here why don't you stay
don't wanna work? well that's o.k.
cause no-one else here wants to get a real job
come on down, hang out with us
hang out at a punk house
don't mind all the filth and grime
and muck cause it's
just a punk house
spaghetti stains on the walls
and creepy insects in the halls
we'll have a ball
young and dirt poor and having fun
and we're never growing up

Found these pictures recently of the last house I lived in before becoming a bike
racing yuppie. 155 dollars a month rent. 5 roomates. I had a sheet instead of a door, in a room that was big enough for a single mattress, a computer monitor on the floor, a few milk crates of clothing, and two bikes stacked on top of each other.
This place was nicer than the 125 dollar a month place a few years prior.

This is cliff. He found all of these cones in a dumpster and put them in the bathtub. Then Sari got up for work and just stood on them in the shower.

Ben with one night's krispy kreme dumpster find.

Pizza Dumpster

and this is just gross.


Chris Mayhew said...

Yeah, tell 'em about your "mattress".

Cheryl Mayhew said...

Looks like the place in "Fight Club"...

Matt! said...

I remember when I lived in a punk house! Oh wait, I still do.
But can you still call it a punk house when you are almost 30?

evan said...

Joe Hammer Trade Center. I got all kinds of crazy fucked up at your house. My band played one of the Sparkstember 11th shows. I drank absynth and moshed and played celtic frost covers