Saturday, September 06, 2008

Miniturn (aka john of john forgot to turn off his own Ipod) got a PRO contract.

After years of toiling on the verge, miniturn finally stepped up his game and got a pro contract. PRO teacher that is. He will be teaching Math to like 8th graders or something. You have made Rudy and your parents proud.

Little did he know, he was about to jump into my "fab 5." The five people that I can call for free during normal hours. With his new life, he will be "working," and unable to take my calls.

First Stubna, now Miniturn. Who is next ... .. CHEW?!?!

BUSTED FACE (teeth always like that)

Fixed with super glue (the bottom cut I could shoot peroxide through)


Lenore said...

woo. go minturn!! and good job... like with the steady hand of a gynecologist.

Mike said...

Hey, not all of us have girlfriends that work 3 jobs to pay the bills, so we can ride our bikes all day!


Spice said...

Ed kRall is next.