Sunday, November 02, 2008

Somali Halloween Pictures.

Two years ago, Amy went to Burger King and took like 20 crowns and they decorated them to make costumes. This year the a group of Pitt tutors found them a bunch of awesome costumes and dressed the kids up. My little favorite guy was heard yelling "Hey spiderman, I am Batman... HI" to another kid.
Cute overload.

The expired food store had organic chocolates cheaper than snickers bars, so that is what the kids in Lawrenceville got. It is like covert gentrification, get them hooked on fancy candy and shortly there will be fancy chocolate stores here like the mall at east side.

How much sass can you handle??

Little Somalia Rages.


Lenore said...

awww too cute!!

Lenore said...

batman looks like he's gonna kick your ass

Urban Jeff said...


Anonymous said...

check out the story LOPEZ LOMONG. a darfur refugee who came to the states and was the flag bearer for the 2008 SUMMER OLYMPICS. share his story with your kids...anything is possible in the USA!!!!

Steve said...

Who is the skinny 10 year old dressed like "where's waldo?"? Feed him some extra chocolate! I think he normally dresses up as a grownup and kicks everyone's butt on the bike.

Jesspgh said...

I love this so much! Especially the Hey Spiderman, I am Batman... HI!" part!