Saturday, August 22, 2009

600+ miles in 6 days.

Day 1: Tour De Millersburg TT and Crit.
TT = Try as hard as I can with a full TT get up for 42nd place. Beat stubna by 9 seconds. Should not have tried.

Crit = Try as hard as I can for 25th. 30/80 finishers maybe? 0 points in the omnium. Should not have tried.

62 miles

Day 2: 90 mile road race + warm up and cool down and general riding around town. Race was not selective. Got into a move. Got yelled at by a bunch of dudes for pulling through improperly. Like I was working, but apparently not well enough, as opposed to the dudes who were not working. Whatever. Why are bike racers such douchebags? The dude who crashed in front of me in the crit, like right in front of me for no reason, was one of the dudes yelling at me. I dont care, but there were a few dudes in that move being yelled at who have raced more than the rest of the break combined. Whatever.

Day 3: After driving home, I left early to start riding to the beach. 137 miles.
Day 4: Continued trip to the beach. 107 miles. 6 "mountains". Seriously big applachain hills.
Day 5: Still riding to the beach. 127 miles.
Day 6: Arrive at the beach 98 miles in.

620++ miles. OH YES.
Photo dump of the bike trip to come.


Mike said...

not a century streak though . . .

Anonymous said...


I thought you had to have a job to take vacations at the beach. who the hell is subsidizing your life of luxury?


El Capitan