Monday, January 25, 2010

Bike riding. It's not funny anymore.

Saturday we had a real group ride. There were so many people heading out Noblestown Rd that some dude standing at a bus stop asked if buses were running on their normal schedule even with the event. What event? 8 dudes riding on a Saturday in Pittsburgh.

Husker Du - It's not funny anymore

You can do what you want to do
You can say what you want to say
You can think what you think you want
It doesn’t matter anyway

It’s not funny anymore

Play what you want to play
Hear what you want to hear
Don’t worry about the result
Or the effect is has on your career

Act like you want to act
Be what you want to be
Find out who you really are
And don’t pay any attention to me

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El Capitan said...

Man, was Husker Du good:

-El Capitan