Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Pittsburgh .

In case anybody missed it, Rick Sebak did a show on the Dirty Dozen. If you dont know who he is, you probably did not grow up in Pittsburgh, or you did and had cable. Anyway, he is like a celebrity, documentary maker, food critic, symbol of the area.

I have spent a few days with him, and they have been fun. He knows crazy trivia about the region.

Anyway, here is a link to the show if you have 28 minutes to watch dudes in spandex ride up hills. There are some hilarious parts.

Also, if you did not read the Floyd Landis interview, the only thing to really take away from it is this quote: "and the winters in Pennsylvania are probably the worst place for cycling" - Floyd Landis


samlikesbikes said...

No one here believes me when I say just how tough you have to be to ride regularly during January in PA... not that Floyd's word helps validate anything.

I like Floyd.

Matthew said...

That show was awesome! Congratulations on another victory!

John said...

Really enjoyed the video. Fantastic piece of PGH lore.

Anonymous said...

One of the most fascinating shows I've ever seen on QED was the one about the churches in Pgh. I think it was called 'religious pittsburgh'. Great job on the dozen BTW Steevo. It was good to see you again.