Sunday, June 26, 2011

73 miles of new "roads". AKA hilly billy.

73 mile Dirt Road race. West Virginia. 7000' of climbing. 4th overall.

So I had no idea what to expect. All roads are supposedly West Virginia "state roads."

I got my bike cleaned up at the bike shop, new cables, new hanger, new rear derailer.
I figured it was an early jump on the cross season... right?

Then somebody was like "yeah until it is wrecked again at the end of the day." I didnt believe that it would be super gnarly.

The race basically unfolded like a horror movie. There were like 8 of us, then the course grabbed a few and killed them. Some dude stacked it crazy hard through the mud, and Gunnar flatted. Then we kept running. Then Pflug cracked his rim on a gnarly hole, and flatted. We kept running. My shifting broke and they kept running. Gorski flatted and the two leaders (Mihalik and Ruggs) rode away. I hope they have some sort of survivor's guilt.

The race was super well done. Of all endurance events I have done, I believe it was the best marked (coming from a dude who gets lost a fair amount). The Iron Cross is a close second, but I remember there being a panic moment during that race where I was convinced that I was lost.

Everybody should check the event out, its pretty rad.

Garmin File / Map

My bike before. Muddy and needing lots of work.

My bike after. Muddy and needing lots of work.


Mike said...

so, basically now you will leave the bike in the basement until the first cross race right?

Gary said...

Max Speed: 48.8 mph