Thursday, January 26, 2012

One of those things you will watch and be like "wtf?"

An Agreeable Sound: Steevo from Matt Dayak on Vimeo.

I guess this is what people do when they have tons of energy and dont race bikes.


Miss. Bea Havin said...


zak kovalcik said...


Anonymous said...

no, actually I wonder if you rode like 4 hours in the snow to obsessively burn off the calories consumed in multiple takes that YOU KNOW it took for that marshmallow scence...those probably weren't even vegan sicken me


David Popdan said...

Mrs. Popdan wondered why I was forcing her to watch this video until I informed her this was my friend, at which point she concluded that she had in fact made a poor decision in marrying me. (or possibly the best decision ever) Greatest Video EVER!!! (or at least best video this week)