Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I have like 50 drafts half done.

I have like 50 drafts in my blog homepage that are half done.
One is about how we bought a commercial building and are totally rehabbing it to move Garbella into it. This story involves dealing with pensioned city workers, zoning, engineers etc. It isnt very exciting, but documents hundreds of hours that I was not doing other stuff. That will come shortly.

Another is about trying to be a better person and joining Big Brothers Big Sisters to try and do something besides ride bikes and make money. So far so good.

Anyway, the wife and I were just talking about a friend, peer, acquaintance. Whatever you want to call him. We grew up in similar fashion, learned to embrace being "athletes" while still trying to be punk, or conscious or whatever. He took to running. He was doing crazy fast marathons, trying to be an olympic alternate... Pretty legit athlete.

Long story short... then he found out he had stage 4 cancer. His blog then went from documenting the struggles of training while working with everyday life, (something that if you are reading this, you can probably relate...)... Now his blog is about his fight against cancer. It is insane, because it could literally be anybody reading this. It could be me, you, your family members...

Anyway, he is inspiring and it is motivation to do what you should be doing instead of wishing that it was cooler outside, or warmer outside, or less windy, or a better hour, or lighter, or less work stress.. etc.

Scott is a solid dude and I know he is going to be back on top of his game shortly.
Run Fast Run Vegan is his blog.

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