Sunday, November 20, 2005

PA State Championship.

So Saturday Morning I decided to call Johnturn and head to the middle of nowhere for the State Cyclocross Championship. I decided to race the A's for some reason. We got there at a decent time, the course was good, Mike Hebe gave me my helmet that I lost at the last race. Things were looking good. There was free Redbull, I had my free Gu, which was vanilla bean flavor and it tasted like vanilla pudding. Sweet.
I figured that a top 10 finish wasnt an unreasonable goal with only 14 starters. I had a good start, up the hill and into the grass. I was rubbing elbows with the fast guys, I was behind the picked favorite to win, who did win. I felt good. At some point during the first lap something bad happened and I tried quitting, but didnt have the energy to lift up the yellow tape. After the race John laughed at me and said "Dude you were going backwards so fast!" Awesome. So I rode around the rest of the race getting sympathy cheers from the dudes I usually race in the B's...
John finally got some new music on the Ipod. We rocked Dino JR Fossils, Mettallica Justice for All, The Clash The Clash, Ramones Ramones, Pittsburgh's Greatest finally hooked it up.
We packed up faster than ever and were at Waffle house before the podium presentation even started.
We ran into Jeff Guy at the Starbucks on the turnpike and he asked if I crashed. awesome.
Mad Props to RUGGS for scoring the masters GOLD!

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