Sunday, August 06, 2006

toona and zoar.

toona: well I finished everyday and even made the split on blueknob, but still got essentially last place because I got no points and then tied for last with everybody else who didnt get points. Lame.

Zoar RR:
Wow what a course. Rolling hills, trees scenery picnics. Awesome. There was even a little kid on the course dressed up as the devil guy who ran along with us when we passed. 2 hills, one was kind of steep, but couldnt really separate stuff too much. It was an attacker's course, hard enough that somebody could stay away if they went.

First lap there were a few moves and I went with one and then THE move went and I bridged up with Jake . Jake dropped his chain, and left us a group of 7. It was kind of lame cause I think every team was in the break, so then the field just sits up or whatever. So we drove the break and eventually got a 2 minute gap. I did my token attacks on the big hill, but of course couldnt stick it because there was a 1/2 mile descent right after the hill.

Last lap I managed to get 20 seconds or so over the top, and only 4 others were able to come back up to me, which put me in the money. sweet. Crap part of the race was when we caught the 4 field WHILE WE WERE FINISHING and had about 2 feet to sprint, meaning the leadout order was the finish order. I got 3rd. I maybe would have done worse had the 5 of us had a field sprint, but it would have been better than sitting behind the winner across the line not being able to even be able to TRY to come around him.

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