Monday, October 30, 2006


Well I have been in philly for over a week now. Lots of cool and a few uncool things have happened.
- my new cross bike fell of the rack on the turnpike
- my new cross bike got run over by a semi. Yeah a semi

I raced a ridley crossbow last weekend and probably did about as well as I would have done on my own damned bike. Those guys are just so freaking fast, they put 5 minutes into the guys who put 5 minutes into me.

attn: Cyclocross B Downgrade

I have to send that letter out later.

The crew at Bicycle Therapy totally fixed my bike, aside from the wheels, which were all that really got hit. They are now for sale.
We rode Wissahickon, which was rocky and fast and hard. I had a 29'er and it ruled. Yozel puts on a cyclocross training thing on Wednesdays, which turned out to be really hard and tiring.
Saturday night was the "Dumpster Derby." Groups of kids show up at 7pm on Pine St in West Philly and race cars built out of stuff found in the garbage. This year they had their own caution tape to close the street down. There was a swimmingpool on wheels and a car that had flames shooting off of the wheels. No photos available unfortunately

Johnturn got his freaking call up yesterday at Beacon, front row with 1 point. The stairs of death kicked my ass. I didnt get lapped!


ryanmgotch said...

no way! a cross bike off the racks. no pun intended. so what do you do about that? the other bearded rider was mike mcauley from ohio pyle. excellent rider and great guy. i dont know if the beard is a secret weapon or not but it catches salsa and beer foam very well.

sorry about your bike.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be great if you left Pitt and moved east to Philly?