Monday, November 06, 2006

Euro cross

Well it was kind of euro in that I took the train out to Mt Lebanon to meet up with Mayhew (sandbagger) so I could bum a ride out to Beaver for the race.
Summary: Before leaving I told The Amy that "im going stick to Rugg's wheel even If it makes me not finish the race." Well neither and both kind of happened, I held on for dear life for a half a lap, then the Pfluger came up to us, so I had a half assed attack. Joe rode away from us, and me and Pflug towed eachother around for 5 laps before I managed to get him on the barriers before the sprint for second. I couldnt stay with Ruggs, and I almost quit a few times.

Real Summary: "he rode away from us like girls" to quote a friend about the elite masters race at granouge

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