Monday, December 04, 2006

you cant make dirt clean so we'll just lemon scent it

How much do you want something? Well I guess I was given an pretty good chance at
getting UCI points and I didnt take myself/cross seriously enough to have my spare
bike / wheels/ person in the pit. Whatever, its fun chasing for 7 laps right? It was fun and nice to have so many people cheer me on as I was 2 minutes behind the pack on the first lap, and honestly if they werent there I would have just ridden to the car and dropped out of my 2nd bike race ever (first being the crit at green mountain, my first cat 3 race and I hit a pothole, sprinted to recover and my legs just locked up.)Hebe, Gunnar, Ruggs, and Denny all made me laugh and kept my time trial rolling.. ... Oh well. It took like 3 laps to realize Gunnar was telling me to "DO IT FOR DANNY!!!" which I realized was the Chew.

I met tons of rad people this weekend. The team coppi super nice guys rode the course saturday and put us up for a night. Ken had this:

which I can say is the first nice "thing" I have wanted aside from bike stuff in probably a decade. SWEET.

The race was followed by homemade pierogies and bread at Peter of "crosstalk" fame's house. It was a sweet dinner. After talking about how I usually dont sleep in cars, I crashed for the last 2 hours of the trip while mayhew jammed to the jurassic 5.


Joe Ruggery said...

Awesome performance this weekend despite having some bogus luck. You showed a lot of heart by killing it out there all by yourself in your own private TT!

Anonymous said...

Yea, but I think it took even more courage to place your fate in the hands of Mayhew at the wheel. I told you the only way to survive it was to sleep!

mail order said...

Yeah, well, it's easier to drive when your skirt is not over your head Sean. You should try it some time.

Anonymous said...

OH SNAP! And here I was about to send you a brand new operation Iraqi freedom t-shirt Chris. I may have to think about it now.