Monday, November 27, 2006

as I slowly become dan chew.

Well this Saturday was the Dirty Dozen. Chew called me daily for the last 3 months hyping the race up and telling me to fear stubna. All of this hype actually made me kind of nervous for a race that isnt really even a race and doesnt really even matter. Needless to say, Friday I did some openers and watched what I ate on thanksgiving day. I put the 1300 gram tubular wheels on and headed to the oval to find 130 other people ready to ride.
For anybody not in Pittsburgh, that is about every cyclist in Pittsburgh.
The race happened and it was hard, and I felt sick and it got harder. I got a flat on my tubular and had to have Cheryl Mayhew give me a lift between 2 hills! CHEATER! There were a lot of strong dudes there, and it got up to 60 degrees. Im proud of Danny for actually providing gatoraid instead of only pop!
I also finally met the Norwegian Teammate who was previously rumored to not exist.
Article in the trib PM


Anonymous said...

great job. have to try it someday. tell your pal over at TRM cycles his blog is busted. something about a bullet hole decal.

mail order said...

Blog is done, dude. I don't work there anymore. Besides, no one reads that thing.

Steevo, you kicked it hard. Nice job. Tell Denny to get you some black and gold stripes for your jersey sleeves.

Soupie said...


Matt! said...

You were previously rumored to of won. Rad.

Anonymous said...

Yea, 6 o'clock news and all... Hey do us all a favor and don't forget all of the little people you left behind on your meteoric rise to stardom.