Monday, February 05, 2007

Im not going to complain about the cold.

But it is cold as hell. We rode over 3 hours on saturday. It wasnt too bad. I have been way colder in my life, and I was dry, so no big deal.
Amy and I were sitting in the kitchen last night joking about making space suits to talk around the house in (we keep it at 52-60) I said we are going to have to put water in the fridge to stop it from freezing. Sure enough the pipes under the sink are frozen today. Great. I could live in a freaking tent, so Im not upset by it all, but there is no reason to pay 300 bucks a month in gas to be cold. I could be cold for free, so that is the biggest bummer of it all.
Cab driving: Normal people are so freaking weird. I have never done the bar/club thing, but what the hell are these people thinking? The same girls that offered to show me their boobs in exchange for a free ride said that I shouldnt trust Amy out with friends while Im working. I told them that I could see boobs for free at the cricket lounge, and that its no wonder they are all single. and on and on....


Anonymous said...

Dude, this stuff is priceless. Keep it comin. Sorry about the cold, it was 65 today here. Too warm to ride, so I went golfing.


steevo said...

easley is an old white guy now!

Anonymous said...

White guy?
Two words:
Tiger Woods

Besides, I been down with the brizzown all my life!

Anonymous said...

Jus look at their tits you idiot.

Anonymous said...

You better hit that Mikey D's, I think its time to put a little weight back on. So what kind of space suits are you wearing;)