Thursday, February 15, 2007

go grab the 2250 dollars out of my bedroom for me?

So I pick up a dude. He is in a wheelchair with a sweet set of spinergy wheels, not
quite as sweet as Babik's rev x's that were cracking in the snow last week, or Dan Chew's rev x that he repaired with duct tape, but sweet none the less.

We drove back to his house in the Burbs. He was obviously not from the burbs, and told me that he was paying cash, not with a voucher - the way most people I pick up from the hospital pay. We get to his house.
"We can put my chair together, so I can wheel inside and come back out and take it back apart, or you can go grab the 2250 dollars out of my bedroom for me"
So I go into this dude's house, grab a HUGE stack of money and bring it out to him. 5 years ago he was shot 13 times at point blank range. We drive back to the uptown (uptown is not sweet, its where the messenger company I used to work for is, lots of open air drug dealing, and prostitution. Recently a hooker shot a cop and she WAS A HE!!)
We roll up to a bar that you couldnt pay me a thousand dollars to try to enter, we put his chair together, he rolls 10 feet behind the car, comes back up in 10 minutes and we drive back to his place. Sweet. 70 bucks in about 55 minutes. We stopped at mcdonalds, his treat, but I didnt get anything.

Monday the water unfroze, however with this came the snapping of the kitchen faucet and a geyser to the ceiling. This was after the laptop wouldnt work in the morning. The kitchen is literally the only finished room in the house, the rest is just wires and plaster and old carpet, and some wood. Local real estate mogul Justin Cummings helped is bro out in putting a new sink on. It looks sweeeet.
The laptop started working again today

Chew Climbed the cathedral stairs 101 times in 18 hours as reported by the PG

Stubna and I did an HEROIC (chewism) ride tuesday in the snow. 3:15 minutes. the best part of it all was this kid pulling up in his parents SUV, drinking a coke, and says "you guys have HUGE balls." Awesome, at least I impressed him!

New word: Jocknacular. Like vernacular, but words used by jocks. "bring it to the table" "step up" "proactive" and of course, the new saying "sack up"

Sack up krall


New Spice said...

"Sack up Krall"

that's on deaf ears...bro

Soupie said...

ed krall - "sackin' it"

Is the Juice at mogul level? I heard purchasing a house includes a People's Indian Food Consoltation.

Geronimo K said...

For crying out loud, Babik still riding a spinergy?! That dude must have a death wish! When are you and Stubna moving to the east side anyway, bring the rest of the crew with ya.

Anonymous said...

Dude your balls always impressed me!! But you misunderstood the boy he said "I want to hug your balls". 3 + hrs in the cold fuck with your head.