Thursday, August 23, 2007

Total Jagbag

Mayhew and I were warming up before what came to be the wednesday night pile up, when this guy stopped to share his mind with us.

Him: honk
Us: come no go around us (honestly, no swearing, no fingers nothing)
Him: drives around screaming stuff and pulls over
Me: are you seriously going to fight us?
Him: that is what you want isnt it? riding like that?
mayhew: dude you are wearing sandals
him: put the shoe on the other F'n foot sometime you are going to have to f'n wait for somebody and then you see how it is
us: what?????????

he gets in his car and says f you one more time. sweet
Mayhew snapped a picture.
Im still not sure what this guy was mad about?


ryanmgotch said...

similiar event happened to me except the guy never got out of his car and just continued to try and hit me. i remember when i was a kid and tried to shoot birds with a bb gun and always wanted to hit one until i did... maybe, in some way, this is the same disorder.

Anonymous said...

I'm currently looking for guy in a grey ford f150 06 07 model if see him let me know cause I'm totally ready to go jail when beat the !@#$% shit out of him.

El Serracho! said...

when i have encounters like that or even when i'm shown the finger or what-have-you, i've started making a quick calculation of the time i may have caused that person to lose "waiting" for me. current average is around 4 seconds.