Thursday, August 23, 2007

you vs you (five years ago)

Time flies, duh. But sometimes we are reminded of who we were or what we used to be like by shared memories with others. The G man moved into the house with me and amy this week to finish college. We dropped out together and lived in "punk houses" or whatever for a long time, sometimes together.

Memory #1. I didnt grocery shop. I had no food in the house except for a jar of vegenaise and bagels. The bagels came from a dumpster in squirrel hill at Chesapeake bagels, which is now out of business. I would ride there with my BOB trailer on my touring bike and take 2 garbage bags full of bagels. I had a loop of friends that I would deliver some to, and take the rest home. When Amy and I started dating, all I could ever offer her was a bagel.

Now. I love grocery shopping. This week alone, I have been to the strip, whole foods, trader joes, and am about to go to the local farmers market. I love finding deals and eating healthy, good, cheap, food.

Memory #2. I used to not have a bed. I had those foam packing crate things stacked up on top of cardboard and some other stuff. Amy called it "the rat's nest." My room had my bicycles in it, and no door. I am not sure if I had sheets, but winters were spent in a sleeping bag.

Now. Holy yuppiedom. I have to preface it all and say that this thing was free, but... I have a simmons beautyrest mattress. I think it retails for like 1800 dollars. This is stacked on top of a giant hardwood frame that stands like 5 feet tall. The top of the mattress is literally 3.5 feet off the ground. Then there is the matching Ikea pillowcases and sheets with a down comforter in the winter.

The list goes on and on, but the me of 5 years ago would probably spit on me and call me a yuppie or something, which is a shame because I do think that we have a lot in common. I see "the kids" hanging around town and they probably think this about me. I wish that I could have some sort of coolness resume attached to me so I could try and bro down. Like the kid doing the C races that is basically me when I was his age, do I tell him that I was at the firstaus rotten record release, or that I hung out with aaron cometbus at cleveland fest one time?
A take off the Pittsburgh Masters Velo Motto, I will summarize. The older we get, the cooler we were.


Anonymous said...

Dude, time to watch fight club again. "You don't own your stuff; your stuff owns you" -Tyler Durden

Anonymous said...

Wow, you are lame, lame, lame. Look how you beg forgiveness for being a sellout only to remind everyone how cool you once were (so uncool).

You even name drop and give Wiki Links, Jesus! What next? An authorized letter verifying that you used to sell blood to pay for bus fare to get food stamps,.. Boo-hoo-hoo.

I can't wait to hear about you getting your Iphone so you can "get your tug on" to all of your favorite Justin Timberlake songs and vids.

Gnarly! **puke**

New Spice said...

When did you start hanging out with ED...that's probably when you "uncooled" yourself.

Soupie said...

Cycling Vs. Punk
Perhaps you have mastered living on the cheap?

Perhaps you are a yuppie and you only go to "gigs" instead of shows down at marios on the south side. Margaritaville this friday?

Matt! said...

Same here. 7 yrs ago in Paris: bmx bike and sleeping under ramps. This time I got a $60 hotel room the night before PBP and people thought I was cheap for not staying at the start and for sleeping in the gymnasium at the end. Fuck it. It is all relative. When (not if) you come to Los Angeles I'll show you some real yuppies and you'll feel punk as fuck.