Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Right now do these things: Revenge of the Mormen?

- Put new batteries in that smoke alarm that you know needs them.
- Make sure your homeowners insurance has good fire coverage.

This is the story about my mom's house catching on fire last night. The air conditioning unit in the window caused the fire. Its hard to know what the hell to do when this happens.

The red cross is pretty cool. I called them this morning, and they had a case worker who had already called the hospital to see how my mom was (she had slight burns, but was totally ok)... She gave vouchers to get my mom and sister contacts (when your house burns down you dont grab your glasses or contacts and none of us can see the E at the doctor). The red cross was readily available for so many other things, it was pretty awesome. Luckily we have insurance and credit cards and time and money to do all of this. Some people arent and it is really scary to think that they could feel left alone in such an awful time. The redcross helps prevent this with hotels, medication, clothes, etc. It seems like they do a pretty awesome job too.

Scan your baby pictures now too.


Burt Friggin' Hoovis said...

You know, I heard Sez's mom's house burn down once.

The estimated damage was over $19.

Seriously, though, be glad that everyone's all right. Shit can be replaced, people can't.


gwadzilla said...

sorry about the fire

and yes

I need to scan and back up all those memories

Joe Ruggery said...

Sorry about your Mom's house - glad she's alright. I totally agree with you on the Red Cross: every time there's some f'ed up disaster (like 9/11 in Shanksville), our guys end up on some God-forsaken perimeter and get forgotten about. Getting hooked up with a baloney sandwich and a bottle of water by the Red Cross at that point in time is better than hitting the lottery.

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ryanmgotch said...

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