Monday, October 06, 2008

6 Spinergy Rev X wheels spotted this weekend.

2 Saturday at the Hagarstown race.
4 Sunday at the Month of Mud race in grove city. 2 of those were in our car.
The Rev x's were rumored to have catastrophic failures, but chew has gotten 20,000 miles out of a pair, and Babik couldnt put the finishing blows on a pair during our "as many people ride as the low temperature" rides (ok it was really 8 degrees 4 people).

Anyway... One would think that racing the same people over and over every weekend would get boring. You can pretty much look at results and figure about where you would be in a cross race. If you cant do that, will literally do it for you, letting you put the bikereg preregistered list into it and they give the results of the race in advance.

This is all based on "math" and "logic" or whatever. Every once in awhile though, you have a good race, and somebody has a bad race and it works the other way. Last year, I remember a race where the dude who was supposed to win got dropped and a dude who was on a borrowed bike beat me in a sprint. Cross results wouldnt have predicted that.

Yesterday was similar. Poor ruggs tried some rocky IV type stuff and moved to remote Warren PA for super secret training and bachelor life. Something like that anyway. So of course we have done much battle in the past few years as we have become faster dudes together. Everytime it is awesome and fun to race somebody, even if you have raced them dozens and dozens of times before. It never gets old.

Speaking of getting old:
The nutella I had expired in 2008 despite everybody in the car trying to convince me that it was 2003. I bought it at the expired food store, and the first jar I had you couldnt tell the last number. I checked the second jar when I got home and can confirm it was only a few months expired, not a half a decade.


Anonymous said...

Steevo, seriously where is the expired food store? I am getting sick and tired of paying full price for pop-tarts.

Burt Friggin' Hoovis said...

Hey homo, why would you dive all the way to Hagerstown, then not stay over to do the Kelley Acres race the next day?

If you're trying to limit your racing in a lame attempt to peak for the Dirty Dozen, its not gonna work.


steevo said...

Ummm I race sunday too.
Because my ride was leaving?
because your wife said you would be home so i couldnt stay there.

Matt! said...

Thanks for the comment regarding Trona and Montana. Also like Montana, this past wknd I took a shit on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere while negotiating spandex and cleats. Oh the memories.

Henry Dimmick said...

Those Rev-X look cool they are hard to retire. I figured, and now Sam has figured the same riding my wheels, that having the wheel go in CX is survivable...where disintegration in a road race may not be... allthe time believing that them other schmucks were just throwing their Rev-Xs into their car trunks, chipping and scratching the spokes, without ever really understanding the strengths...and weaknesses of carbon.