Monday, December 01, 2008

Rainy monday after thanksgiving in Pittsburgh.

I cant wait to commute into town. People are going to be miserable today.

Awesome weekend though.

-Dirty Dozen. 146 people there. Hopefully it cheered the Chew man up some after his surgery. He has been off the bike for over a month now. I am sure it is hurting him. Hopefully this was a happy day to see something that he created turn into such a monster.

-Having the out of towners there. Colin, Miniturn, Turner (is he an out of towner?)

-Local cyclocross race. Team Freddie Fu put on a great muddy, cold, wet, rainy, cross race only 35 minutes from home. Awesome course. Awesome super fans. Awesome times. Awesome (and one super cute) officials. Well done race.

-Meeting somebody for the first time and having him tell me that he likes the blog. Super rad.

-Manager at Panera gave us FREE hot chocolate after the race. This is not machine stuff, this is foamed milk and all. Oh yes.

-Pulling up and seeing 3 Somali women trying to move a couch in the rain. All husbands were working. Helping them. Ok actually moving the thing 90% by myself. Having one of them say "steevo strong." Oh YES!!!!

-Getting home, showering, washing bike, doing laundry, listening to an entire Joy Division album all before I would usually get home from far races.

-Possible weekend Highlight: Helped Babik move an entertainment stand to his car. I start walking home and he yells that he needs help with one more thing. I walk in, ask what. He says filing cabinet. I picked it up and carry it to the car solo. Better hit the gym sprinter. SPAGHETTI ARMS!


Miss. Bea Havin said...
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Miss. Bea Havin said...

Congrats on the Dirty Dozen win!!!

Gerry and Andy said...

SteveO, you should do a 5 hour ride with 13 hard climbs the day before all of your cross races considering how you did at Murraysville. Great Ride! - Gerry

Matt! said...

can your sponsor fly you out to LA to beat Jack at Feel My Legs in 2009? I'm not looking fwd to fourpeat by him. Yours though, exciting.

zak said...

i was thinking about coming down to la to take out jack myself.

Anonymous said...


Ceremony is one of the greatest songs ever.

However, you still need to get a job.

Your pal,
El Capitan

Gary By. said...


FANTASTIC weekend dude!

And thanks for the props for us still frozen officials even though I don't think I look that "cute"! . . . OH . . . you were talking about "my right hand" Amy . . .

Gary "Esteemed Elder Statesman of the Realm" Bywaters
USA Cycling Official