Monday, December 29, 2008

I dont know... I might even go to bed bath and beyond...

So a few years ago I found myself cleaning out a dead guy's house for some money. Some money being the few thousand dollars that I needed to travel around for cross season and into the winter when I started cabbing. I wrote a bit about it here. It was basically cleaning up an entire guy's life.

Anyway, I found lots of stuff new in package that got returned. This left me with a $250 shopping spree at bed bath and beyond. This happened last night. Amy and I went and planned out what we wanted. It was all free. I still couldnt buy anything. Usually I think that I am too cheap to buy stuff, but this stuff was all FREE and I still didnt want anything.

I walked away with a coffee maker, 10 forks, bath towels and a shelf for the bathroom that isnt going to fit and will be returned and readded to the balance on the original receipt. Oh and little things to put on the new (free) couch legs to stop the floors from being scratched. (More on the floors later)

It is amazing that there is an entire box store filled with things that I did not want, even for free, and laughed at when I saw. Included in these items was an entire section dedicated to back scrubbers, another section dedicated to masks to shield your eyes while you sleep, and finally a staircase to help small dogs up onto a couch.

The world is at a point that people have a couch so big that their expensive dog that was bred in a way so it cant jump high, needs stairs to get onto the couch, and people are willing to shell out a bunch of money (1/4 a day's wage?) to get the dog on top of it. This is normal.


Dave said...

That's nothing, try going to Pier 1 (shudder)

Kralldiggler said...

A free couch! NO WAY!

Brian said...

Damn you're funny! Way to break it down bro;)

ps: my word verification to post this was "cheatio" and at first glance I thought it said Cheapo. Ha!! Too good!

chris said...

I always laughed hilariously at those dog ramp things. That is, until recently. My parents were thinking of getting one because apparently little dogs get hip problems from jumping down from stuff.

Now that I think about it, I probably heard that from a commercial selling those things.

I share your disenchantment. Although I guess it's just lack of enchantment, since I never was enchanted in the first place. Stores suck. Bike and outdoor stores the exception, of course. I guess you need grocery stores, too.

Liquor stores are pretty good.

Also, book stores, and sometimes even office depot type stores.

twobeans said...

words of wisdom ;)