Monday, July 13, 2009

tour fever or sickness?

So it's that season. It's sunny, the tour is on, jocks at bars are talking about Lances chance at winning, blah. Brody and I went for a ride(a super serious one where we did "openers" as prescribed by training and racing with a power meter!!!) and were amazed at how many people were out on road bikes, and of those people how many had carbon wheels. Whatever.

The first reaction is to be annoyed that so many people are into "your" sport. I honestly feel that way sometimes. I say hello to the dude on the 10k bike and HE has the nerve to cool guy ME!?! It makes me want to turn around, chase him down, cool guy HIM, then attack him, wait for him up the road, and attack him again! But I am slightly above this. Its not my sport. Just cause I love something so much doesn't mean that people who don't love it as much aren't allowed to do it as well. Rewritten as a note to myself: Not everybody has to be as passionate as you about something to enjoy it.

So after riding Saturday I went to the South Side Works "exposed." It was an artist market that was set up for the weekend, and Amy was selling Garbella stuff. After loading in for her (man if I was going to be a roadie, I should have a chain wallet and groupies right?) I went to REI to avoid the heat.

On Saturdays members are allowed to climb The Pinnacle, which is a 5 sided climbing wall. I thought "what the heck," and signed up to try doing it.

THEN IT STARTED. I was the dude rolling down freeport road on a 10,000 dollar colnago. These dudes who brought gym bags and changed before their workout were just eyeballing me and talking loudly about their climbing exploits. They all brought their own climbing shoes and harnesses. I had the lender pair, which resembled the beige roller skates that the skating rink would rent. They were talking about reading bouldering magazines, gear, traveling to climb, chalk vs eco balls (?).. just all kinds of crazy climbing stuff. Maybe they were insecure, maybe I am insecure, but they were not nice to a dude who wast here alone, that is all.

I could write about how I cleaned a line that one of them couldn't, even though it was my first time climbing a wall, but they had left at that point so it only gave me personal gloating satisfaction. But I wont.

Instead I will just say that if you are a cyclist or or something else (why are you reading this if you are something else?) ... be nice to the new guys.


TerribleTerry said...

I gotta get up there and hang w/ you folks sometime. Pittsburgh = The Haymarket Composite Team northern training grounds?

gaberator said...

Right on Steevo. Being nice to the new guys is one of those constant battles. Just remember that we were the new guys once... only we never had the 10k bike to start, but we still didn't know the difference between 105 and Dura Ace or what a "404" referred to.

bmj said...

I could write about how I cleaned a line that one of them couldnt, even though it was my first time climbing a wall, but they had left at that point so it only gave me personal gloating satisfaction. But I wont.

Ummm...that would be "sent" not "cleaned."

reverend dick said...

That was well said, Steevo.

Joe Ruggery said...

I was such a newbie when I first started riding that I wore underwear under my cycling shorts for like the first three years. I only stopped after a mud race at Canaan wore a hole in my ass. Who am I to condescend to anyone after that?

Anonymous said...

Dude, this post had so many typos it was making me cringe. You would think with all the time on your hands you could do a couple of proofreads before you posted it.

El Capitan.

Fred said...

Well said Steevo, (minus the sp errors). Not sure we'll ever see an end to the attitude. My experience: most of the fast guys know they're fast and let their legs do the talking... Back in the day, Eaton set the bar, wicked on the bike, but total class act...some of the pack fill cat. 3's could learn from this example.

andy said...

I thoght to myself as i red this... 'finally sometinhg on the internett with no tipe po's'

Burt Friggin' Hoovis said...

Joe - the underwear story was funny.

There was this guy in Lancaster that used to show up at the Tuesday night races and at Sunday worlds up until a few years ago. He was a relatively new racer, but pretty strong. He always wore underwear, and you could see them under his shorts. He was referred to as "Mr. Underwear" and as soon as you said it everyone knew who you meant.

Funny shit...


verification word: tatom

yr bro said...

do you remember that little kid who came to PUSH trails with the bb gun about 13 years ago? he couldn't jump anything at our trails and just ran his mouth a lot? you made him ride chuck's scooter into the swamp? maybe we made you make him do that since you were the closest to his age? well, he's an adult now and he's fast: