Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Waste of July. Racing Recap.

Renfrew Ras was a hit. Really well done. I thought that I was going to win for about 100 pedal strokes. Oh well.

The next weekend was a mountain bike race in West Virginia. Sitting 3rd, feeling ok and my freaking bike falls apart. Totally not my fault mind you, just components failing. That is like 2/4 races this year that I have had mountain bike mechanicals. Dang.

Lost River Classic:
We load up the car, leaving enough time to get there over 90 minutes early! This is awesome. We are near Somerset and the front tire blows. No full size spare. Need to buy a tire and have it mounted. Race against time, hoping the start is delayed by 20 minutes or so. Iphones are evil because they accurately tell you that you are going to show up the minute the race is starting. We pull up with 8 minutes to spare, 13 for Brody doing the 3 race, and like 18 for Patty doing the Women's race. We are denied. Kind of bogus.

Instead we found a 5 mile dirt climb to go up and down. We were headed down the backside when the skies opened up. We were just aimlessly riding, so we had to decide if we should turn around or continue exploring the valley. We are all standing silently in the pouring rain AND A TREE FALLS OVER. It made a sound. We got the hell out of there.

2 Race weekends in a row that were a bust. Oh well. Wilderness 101?


TerribleTerry said...

hmm, should have called me. I was working the race and I know a guy who knows a guy.

Mango said...

Bummer! Sorry you missed our drumming. We were wating for you atthe top of the hill.Next time!!!

Chuck Wagon said...

The only one we wouldn't let in was the P-1-2-3 racer, and that's because we weren't allowed to - the start list was already done. We offered to redo the start lists that were already printed for the 3 and Women's race, despite registration having been closed for both. The choice not to race came from the racers. Sorry you missed the race but decidedly not bogus, we offered to do what we shouldn't have...

gaberator said...

Ouch Steevo. Look who reads your blog!! :)

So theres this race in September called Green Mountain Stage Race that you might like. Its in Vermont. Its really nice. You're small, the climbs are big and usually that means good stuff.

Racing the Tour of Christiana (Lancaster?) this weekend?