Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Its almost september.

This weekend I am hosting a group of young urban kids on the river trail for a 40 mile day trip. They are all going to camp for a single night at the end. When we rode between the 31st and 40th street bridges I was asked if we would see a bear. This is going to be like going into the jungle for some of them. Kind of awesome.
This will be worth a blog post in itself when after it happens.

Then. I am going to ride PA bike route S until I run into Dr. Stubna. Then we are going to head north to the finger lakes. Then over to the catskills. Then down to philly. 750 - 800 miles total. Bike touring is maybe one of the best things ever. I am seriously going to spend the same amount of money in 9 or 10 days as I would simply driving the turnpike to philly and back.

I am stoked for some new roads, new scenes and some other cool stuff. 9 miles of abandoned Turnpike WITH TUNNELS is going to be awesome. If you saw "the road" you saw them come out of the old tunnel. Maybe Ill camp in it.

We are then going to head north to the Grand Canyon of PA. A 62 mile rail trail waits for us there.

The mountains are just going to be awesome. On the way back to Philly we are going to hit a traffic free 40 mile road around the Delaware water gap. Stoked.

If anybody is looking to sponsor a team of elite bike racers who just want to bike tour full time please send sponsorship proposals to us. We are looking to go PRO at bike touring.

Then I get home and start racing this cyclocross thing.


mikep said...

Awesome dude! Sounds like an great trip. I didn't know those tunnels were in PA.

I'm assuming you found the panniers then?

reverend dick said...

So jealous.

Gary said...

philly, huh?

Matt Ruscigno said...

Fuck yes.