Saturday, July 31, 2010

It was a beautiful place before a bunch of bike racers showed up and threw their energy wrappers everywhere.

Tour of the Catskills.

- Worst part of time trials is hearing the winner's time. Oh wow he beat me by 90 seconds in a 2 mile effort!
- Bike racers are seriously the biggest much of megalomaniac dickheads alive. Yes you are racing some fast dudes,
no you are not in the tour de france, so dont throw your garbage everywhere.
- In case you thought you were in the tour de france, check out when THEY finish in a group and know that they racing on time and when you do. They dont sprint for 50th place, they hold wheels and keep the pace high to limit their losses. You morons sprint for literally 50th place.
- Bob and I got the exact same time in the time trial. I think because I have an alphabetically lower last name, I took 68th and he took 69th. Battle is on tomorrow.

- After driving country roads through towns for literally 3 hours, we started paralleling the highway. I wondered aloud why we are not on the highway. Bob says "oh my gps might have toll roads turned off." Guess what, it did. We saved 1.60 each. Hours of redlights and towns.
- Eating dinner after the TT, we were talking about the finish time for Saturday's race.
Somebody: "Like I think 3:30 or so"
Bad Andy: "For 60 miles!?!?!"
Somebody: "Dude we do 82 miles each day"
Andy sat there talking about how he wouldnt have come if he had known that. The look on his face for like 10 minutes was like some stranger just punched him in the stomach. He seriously had no idea.

Breaking personal power records and still getting dropped. Awesome.


samlikesbikes said...

Go Bob. At least you aren't stranded without keys in the metropolis of Coburn.

b said...

Wasn't me.