Monday, November 15, 2010

Hopefully done being poor. I have a job.

I have been "poor by choice" for a long time. I use the term "bohemian." It is nice to live cheaply, reuse things, not buy new stuff, etc. However it gets old sometimes. Jake jokes that I have a trustfund. Not so much. I have been getting by on a about 1,000 a month or so for the past 5 years. It has allowed me a lot of really awesome experiences, however the romanticism is almost gone.

Anyway. I have a job now. I am writing this from my office at Howard Hanna Real Estate. I am a licensed real estate agent. I am working with my brother. If you are looking to buy or sell a house in Pittsburgh, contact us. Awesome.

How being poor sucks:
- Pulling out a rear brake or derailer cable, cutting the end off and then putting that aside to use as a front later.

- taking said housing end and pulling the cap off of it to reuse. seriously.

- keeping the heat at 56 or so during the winter.

- having glasses that are approaching a decade old.

- not having been to a doctor for non emergencies in 12 years.

- ordering contacts from canada with a 10 year old prescription.

- only wearing those contacts for races so they last forever.

- having eating out be a luxury, and not spending more than $10 to do so.

- only running the dryer at night so it heats up the house.

- Having an allen key with a rubber thimble around it, plug the bath spigot in my bathroom for over 5 years cause someday I will remodel it.

- buying 3 pairs of non cycling shoes since 2002. A dress pair at goodwill, a pair of new balances on ebay used for 15 bucks and a pair of 100 dollar northface winter boots. 2002.

- Eggs, bread, bagels, milk and peanutbutter. Lots and lots.


Anonymous said...


Congratz on the job and passing the real estate test which I understand is not easy (future estates and the such).

El Capitan

brett said...

I was joking with John the other night that you will probably go crazy. Drinking only expensive bottled mineral water,and only eating fresh organic produce from now on. Congrats on the new gig and good luck.

J Doncevic said...

Best wishes on this new chapter!

Do you think that there may be a new team in the offing: "Howard Hanna Racing"? Always liked that green and yellow combo.

Gary said...

- Having an allen key with a rubber thimble around it, plug the bath spigot in my bathroom for over 5 years cause someday I will remodel it.

I've seen this in person.

Bryan Routledge said...

Good luck with it.

(Send me a few business cards when you get them, we have lots of recently hired faculty who are renting but might soon be looking for a house. And, I will tell them you know the hip neighborhoods. And, shopping for a house by bike would be sweet)


Anonymous said...

Sell out

c said...

i, too, am entering a world of "legitimacy". so long return scams for bike parts at REI, so long paying for cliff bars with food stamps.