Monday, March 21, 2011

But you never did that before...

Time. The value of time. Not having time. These are all new concepts to me.

While riding Friday, my rear derailer fell apart. Sram Red. Apparently it is common for the springs inside of them to just break. I have $20 shimano derailers that have 10k miles on them with working springs.

Anyway I had to get up, I had to put a new derailer on. Put a new cable in. Show houses, and be ready to ride at 11am. It was close, but not having a new precut cable slowed things down.

Anyway, we rode like super hard for 4 hours, home at 320. I had an appointment at 4 to show more houses. Little Somalia was raging, because it is finally close to spring. They surrounded me in a spider web of little kids. One managed to get up on the porch between me and the door, blocking my escape. The following conversation happened:

"ok guys I have to get going, I have to go to work." -me

"but you never worked before" - Ramazani (age 7)



Matthew Ruscigno said...

I lol'd.

Spice said...


talk to me when you get a kid.