Monday, April 04, 2011

yes this is a race report.

2011 race season has began.

This is personal and boring, sorry. Unlike my young teammate's recount of the race, this will include zero power data or training methodology.

Going into the race I was really hesitant. The fire was not burning. I was not stoked on racing. I have a brand new bike, new kit, new shoes. Ready to roll. I was just not stoked. I have worked more in the past four months than in the five years preceding. I had lots of reservations.

Anyway, there was snow on the ground 20 minutes before the start.

Five minutes into the race I was so stoked. The ice cold water puddling on the ground was getting sprayed into my face and chest. At one point I thought about the last time I did a post race ear cleaning where there was so much grime and grit in my ears that I was disgusted.

I was stoked. At this point I was pretty sure that I was getting dropped. I didnt care.

We went up hills and down hills. I did eventually get dropped. I didnt really care.

Afterward my race recap to my teammates was simply "I love racing bikes."



Miss. Bea Havin said...

the important thing in life is to enjoy what you are doing - im glad it worked out this way.

andrew.j.seitz said...

Dude this makes me so stoked.

iPod docking station with speakers said...

thats crazy man - you were really stoked. good stuff powering through the hardtimes man!

Anonymous said...