Monday, May 09, 2011

Grand Torino....

I saw this movie a few years ago. It was ok.

Yesterday I was getting out of the car to hang up a "sold" sign outside of a house that my brother and I have listed. The neighbor immediately said hello. He was an older guy, he thought that I was Justin... I introduced myself and shook his hand.
"So its sold?"
"What color are they? ... We have a problem with that around here..."

This guy doesn't know me from anybody. Crazy.
I wanted to say "purple."

Its 2011.


Kirk Morrison said...

We had a similar experience 20 years ago while selling our house in Memphis .... neighbors asking us not to sell to non-whites. Beyond the bigotry, the part that floored us was that they thought we would agree and understand.

The odd thing was that we already had some minority neighbors down the street. They had (by far) the nicest lawn and the sweetest little kids.

Alan said...

When our elderly next-door neighbor died some years ago, we were talking to her family and they told us to let them know if we knew anyone who might want to buy the house. And then something along the lines of "we don't want any blacks to buy it".