Sunday, May 08, 2011

Turkey Hill bicycle race.

Turkey Hill cycling classic. 10 times up "the wall" this year.
I drove Ed down. Road had Eddy taking the win, so the pressure was on for him.

We drove the Fit.

I told ed that since his Hummer only gets 14 mph, he should just pay all the gas, since its the same amount he would have paid if he had driven. Right?

For any cyclists looking for nutrition strategy, our waitress at the Kountry Kitchen in Manheim asked how long the race was, and said that my oatmeal, eggs and toast would probably be enough. Solid.

Some guy fell down in front of me going like 34 mph. I had to skid a bunch. This is what a good tire looks like with a bad spot.

Best thing about Turkey Hill: Cupon for free scream and a free t shirt. Oh yes.

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