Monday, September 19, 2011

Bands I have seen that were amazing take 1

I was reading VELO on the way home from interbike. There was a "what are you listening to" section. I quickly realized that bike racers (mostly) like really crappy music. I am glad that I spent a lot of time in the 90's going to shows and buying records.

Here is Leatherface. I saw them in 1999 maybe in Pittsburgh. I think that Hot Water Music opened for them or something. They are probably one of the longest playing bands that you have not heard of. They are also super good at playing music.

Whatever... since I mentioned them... Here is Hot Water Music. They were probably the tightest band I ever saw, each time that I saw them (10? or so times)... They closed with "turnstile" a lot. They always had a TON of energy.

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John Proppe said...

I have a HWM work jacket kicking around somewhere. I'm going to bring it to a race for you. Total cyclocross weather gear.