Friday, September 23, 2011

Interbike expedition

I made the pilgrimage to Vegas for interbike. I am still able to go because I have written articles for Urban Velo. Sweet.

Here is a picture of an elite athlete who stayed up for 40 hours straight and drank for 38 of them.

The dirt demo was fun. I rode a moots YBB. I would buy one if I had cash and needed a new mountain bike. We went way out into the desert. You can see Stubna pushing his bike cause he snapped his through axle.

My coach had me riding like 90 minutes each day. I rode a bit more than that, and then rode the pump track for seriously 3 hours. I wish I had a bigger yard.

Ernie called me and was like "dude you are on the cover of the interbike magazine"... they seriously photoshopped my arms.

Then I ran into a GIANT Bill Elliston.

I as a cheap vegetarian went to an expensive steak house. Like 200 dollar steaks. I had a beet salad. It was actually delicious.

7 dudes and I didnt really eat anything.

Certain establishments will pick you up in a limo in las vegas. This was at like 3 am Vegas time after getting lapped 65 times at cross vegas.

Chicago from my window seat.


geronimok said...

Good stuff! Let's build a pump track in MY yard.

Anonymous said...

As a generally cheap and poor person, that food bill makes me want to throw up . . . .

Anonymous said...

Anyone who can drink for 38 hours straight would definitely qualify as an elite athlete in my book.

Anonymous said...

After seeing your rad air on the pump track photo, Road cycling does not deserve your technical skills.

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