Tuesday, October 04, 2011

An awesome story that I can now tell..

So our team was driving down to the Tour of Washington County awhile ago. I was checking my email en route cause I am a high ballin' real estate agent. I found this:


Please reply to this email to confirm that I have your address right. If so, I will send out an electronic draft of an agreement for your review.

Thanks, xxxx
xxxxxxxx Ph.D.
Continuum Sports LLC | BMC Racing Team
1825 Ferdinand Ct., Unit B
Santa Rosa, CA 95404
| www.bmcracingteam.com

Ok, so somebody wants me to race for BMC? Oh no wait, he meant to contact the real bike racing Stephen Cummings. He is the younger, more bald, faster bike racer. So I respond with:

Hey I bet you didn't know that there is a crappy cat 1 in Pennsylvania also named steve Cummings. If you need somebody to fill a spot let me know.
This email is amazing.

Dude is probably not stoked, this is like super top secret info that I now have.


I'm very sorry for the mistaken email address. I have the correct email now. If you wouldn't mind simply deleting my mistaken email to you and not distributing it anywhere, it would be much appreciated.

Best regards and thanks, xxxxx

Not that easy BRO!

I understand the situation and will keep it quiet.
However I did get third in the Ohio state road championship last weekend and was once ranked 358th in the world at cyclocross. I will delete the email but keep your contact info in case I pull out a sick result at the local stagerace this weekend.
Seriously though you don't have to worry about me leaking this. Can I get a pair of socks or something?

Holding out for the contract still... but I got the socks

Cummings signs for BMC


AG3R Cycling said...
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Affib Rider said...

I see he only signed with hugs or is that kisses? either way pretty cool/funny

Mike said...

Just a pair of socks??

Jared would have been able to get much more than that out of him.

Fatmarc Vanderbacon said...

that was rad.

ps: you rode great last weekend..


Anonymous said...

yea, I mean they could totally use this to their advantage....at least until people catch on....You can almost hear the conversation in the peleton:
bikeracer dude 1: 'Is cummings up the road?'
bikeracer dude 2: 'nah, he's behind us like, at the back'
dude 1: 'OK cool, we don't have to chase then'

this would so work I think

SkullKrusher said...

socks. rad.