Monday, December 12, 2011

coming of age. being an adult.

I think the last time that I had a major life adjustment was when I was done with college and started bumming around full time. It involved lots of travel, bike touring, adventures, and romantic notions of the world should be. I got into the bike racing thing for the second time in my life and went full throttle.

Now, I have complete my first year of real adulthood. A bit over a year ago, I knew I was making the leap and bought a brand new car and and Iphone. Since then, I have worked a real job, in an office. I have ironed my clothes (sometimes). I have gone by "Stephen." I am set to make in 2011 about the same as I did the previous 4 years combined. It is still not much money.

Its weird. I remember talking to an old Kraynicks teammate about growing up. He said he remembers going to a restaurant after getting a real job, and for once not ordering the cheapest thing on the menu. I can relate now. I have always been good with money, never overspent, and always had some in the bank. However sometimes this lead to things that needed fixing to be neglected. For instance, I dropped about 1200 dollars on dental work this year. It was actually probably more, I just didnt want to count.

As much as things change, they stay the same. Last night was Sunday night. Brett and I were driving home from a killer Mid Atlantic Cyclocross weekend. We drove a good 700 miles. We were raging to Aus-Rotten, when my finance manager called me. I turned it down and talked FHA vs Conventional loans and Seller Assist for about 6 minutes before hanging up and turning the music back up.

Having money doesnt change you as a person. Having a job does not take away fun. Life is what you make of it.

I was at the release show for this LP in 1995 or so. It really helped shape who I became as an adult.


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I like this post a lot.

Gary said...

a fiscal conservative with a liberal social agenda.