Monday, December 19, 2011

Seriously one of the best cyclists ever. Most dont know him...

John Gadret.

Yesterday's world cup cyclocross race, Gadret is up there the whole time. This is a guy who half a year ago, I was cheering for during the Giro. He finished 10th.

Even the Universal guys dont know who he is. Very very well timed attack on a stage tailored to his climbing style.

And this is from one of the best days of bicycle racing during my lifetime...

@3:43 Vino looks like he might die.
@5:03 Chase group: Cuenego, Pinotti, Garzell... look who is dangling without mention.
@6:25 Hi we are the best bike racers on earth on the hardest day of bike racing EVAR... look who is in that group!
@10:30 Hey John, you have been standing for the whole 30 minute climb! You rule.

Part 4/5
Best Finish ever.

I remembered Bobke Strut always writing about Gadret, and I just clicked this and realized that my whole post is a summary of his.... but it deserves the attention...

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BobkeStrut said...

A tip of the hat to anyone who spreads the John Gadret love around.