Monday, March 12, 2012

Bicycling to/from the Pittsburgh International Airport. (PIA)

I want this information to be out there, because it is new. I remember in 2003 when Amy and I rode around Europe for 9 weeks, we flew in and out of Amsterdam simply because we knew that we would have no problems riding to/from the airport.

We used to ride a road referred to simply as "the secret airport road". This was a road that was clearly marked "do not enter" and "private property faa training facility"... but we would poach it for 3 miles or so. We once thought that we were going to prison when an SUV sped up to us, but he simply waved and passed.

A few weeks ago I was picking up Eddy from the airport and was stunned that there was a "bicycle crossing" that lead from the woods to the terminal. Then I read on the internet that a local rail trail (the montour trail) had made a spur connector to the Pittsburgh International Airport. I read a cynical line about how if Pittsburgh's transit cuts go into effect, it may be the only city in the world that you can ride a bike to, but not take public transport!

So yesterday we were out riding and decided to find our way to the terminal. It was a mix of old airstrips and service roads, but sure enough we pedaled right to the terminal. Sweet. I honestly think that this will be a big thing for bicycle tourists who want to ride the trail from Pittsburgh to Washington DC and fly out of both.

For some it might be a bad thing that the rail trail does not fully connect to Downtown and
the DC trail (YET!) however it will, and the ride into the city from this direction is not so bad.
Garmin link to map


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J Doncevic said...

The Montour trail group is having a grand opening ceremony for this new connector on Tues, Mar 20 at 11:00AM.

Things like this connector and the new four foot passing law that was enacted last month make me think we're not actually in pittsburgh.

Chris said...

That is pretty sweet! I got a folding bike last summer, and I'll definitely have to give the DC/PGH ride a go this year.