Monday, September 02, 2013

Finally some real adventure...

It has been a while since I have done anything super exciting. It takes a decent amount to be in over my head.
I did some research and found the quehanna trail in pa. It is the most remote part of pa and from what I could read online it's pretty out there and remote. 
I packed my scooter up and headed off with the intentions of doing a 50 mile loop. I would start at Parker dam state park and do the quehanna trail to the eastern connector (shortens trail from 70 to 50 miles). 
Overall I was impressed. It was well maintained. Well signed. Lots of trail registers to keep track of progress in case people go missing. 
Being alone was okay and I played it as safe as I could. I would cook dinner a few miles before setting up camp. I would hang my food and my backpack in different places and not wear any clothes that I coined in while sleeping. 
The scariest thing that happened was after cooking on the second day, I was walking along banging my treking poles on the rocks as I stepped when a rattlesnake spooked me. I jumped sooooo far and screamed like a girl. It was the largest rattlesnake I have ever seen. It rattled a few more times as I walked away. Holy shit. I think statistically larger rattle snakes actually put off less venom, but whatever. 
That night I listened to eastern coyotes howl all night. 

Overall a good time.  However compared to out west or when I did the great divide it was not as remote As the Internet made it sound. 

120 miles of scooting to the start. 

Basically all that I saw for a few days 

Proud of this bear bag. 
Sunset a mile or so after rattlesnake incident. 

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And on the Rattlesnake Net..

"...when this dude with trekking poles came out of nowhere and scared me so much I rattled."