Friday, January 31, 2014

Cathedral of Learning stairs. Mt Everest Challenge

With the deep freeze happening there has been little motivation to ride.

Steve K and I decided to try to get into the Cathedral of Learning "Mt. Everest Challenge Club." It is a non existent club that Danny Chew made up that now has 7 people in it. At 6:30 in the AM when we were walking into the cathedral with 10 gallons of water and bags of food, I thought to myself... "so this is the exact moment I became Danny Chew."

Cathedral of Learning stair records and reports via THE CHEWMAN

This consists of climbing the cathedral stairs 66 times in a single day, giving you the elevation gain of Everest from sea level - 29029'.  (440'x66= 29040).

I had not done a long event in years. I think the last 12 hour athletic thing I had done was The Twelve Hours of Granogue  , which I did on a two man team, so it doesnt even count.  Anyway, I knew that if I was going to burn a whole Saturday, I was going to complete it. It was simply a matter of how long it would take.  The only thing more boring than doing it would be talking about it, so Ill just say that it got done. Steve K had some leg issues after 40. If there is something that is literally not worth hurting yourself over, it is this, so he chilled for a few hours as I finished.

 Rest was nice. Unfortunately 20% of the day was spent dealing with elevators...

 Amy took this as as she finished my last few with me..

 VERY Chewish chart. 11:26

 The cathedral is actually a cool building to not exercise in .

TALK TO ME SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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